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Water Science Solutions

Water Science Solutions is a South African owned company which specializes in Total Water Treatment Solutions. Our offering includes the treatment of:

Raw Water

Natural water treated typically through solid / liquid separation and filtration, for drinking or process use

Utility Water

– Boiler and cooling water treated to inhibit scale and corrosion and control fouling
– In addition, boilers are treated to prevent carryover and cooling towers are treated to prevent bacterial growth

Process Water

Water is treated for specific process use, example de- ionised water for product formulation

Waste Water

Effluent and sewage is treated for environmental compliance and/or re-use

We have a unique approach of combining total system management with chemical and equipment expertise to treat water in the Industrial and Public sectors. Combining our knowledge of water treatment along with an in-depth understanding of your specific systems enables us to reduce your operational costs, improve efficiency, and increase profitability.

Vision & Mission



To be the market leader in the development and implementation of total water treatment solutions, through demonstrated results and integrity.



To provide sustainable, value added total water treatment solutions through expertise, experience and innovation.


Through innovative products, processes and expert solutions we ensure sustainable water management to achieve your company goals and compliance measures , guaranteeing the ability to meet the water needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. We promote effective and holistic management of water resources.